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Texas Semen

           MAX DREAM
Max Dream is a Max on Dreambuck/510 breeding. Max Dream and his brother Kid Dynamite may be the highest scoring twins ever produced at two years old. Semen is guaranteed  to split. Max Dream scores 342"@ 2, a record for Texas.


THANKS!! to Will Ainsworth of Dream Ranch for purchasing a choice Max Dream fawn from Weaver Two Whitetails at the 2012 Spring ADA Auction.

Weaver Two Whitetails is proud to announce that we have semen from all Gonzalez Brothers bucks available for sale. Semen is guaranteed by Weaver Two Whitetails and Gonzalez Brothers. Semen can be split and there are no restrictions. These bucks are some of the best Texas breedings available including the record breaking twins and the soon to be superstar Dreambo. Best pricing guaranteed. Call Rusty today if you have any questions          (205)529-9377

              Est. 370"+ @ 2

Easy Does It-EasyMoney/Dreamgirl
205" @ 1                   $5000/Straw

Kid Dynamite- Max/Dreambuck/510
232" @ 2                   $3000/Straw

235" @ 2                   $3000/Straw
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