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Texas Genetics


This buck was damaged at one breaking off his rack in velvet not once but twice. He is out of Gladiator Express on one of the best Shadow does in the country. At two he scored 271-2/8" and we are expecting even bigger things out of him in 2014. Semen is available. $3500/straw.

         KD Two

KD Two is another Gonzalez breeding and scored a clean 248-3/8" @ 2. He is Kid Dynamite on an Amos doe. Kid Dynamite is womb brother to the legendary Max Dream. Everybody knows Weaver Two Whitetails the source for Gonzalez Genetics East of the Mississippi. Semen Available. $2000/straw.

        So Easy 

This Gonzalez breeding combines the one of the hottest bucks in Texas, Easy Does It (372" @ 2), with Weaver Two Whitetails' Super Doe, The Yellow-25. So Easy is  a 9x7 and scored 256-3/8" @ 2. Semen is available. $2500/straw.

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